Buzz pick up a feather and look at it. He went to the end of the aisle with a glare and saw Al sliding out of his office with a smile on his face], [Buzz gasps when he saw Rex's tail poking out of Al's bag. Zurg keeps firing balls at Utility Belt Buzz. Buzz And The Gang Rescue woody from Airport. Write your screenplay and focus on the story with many helpful features. ], [In his apartment, Al is loading boxes on a trolley while talking on his phone], [He and Jessie start dancing on the floor], [Back at the shaft, Utility Belt Buzz is still climbing up with the toys holding onto his line. He knocks over Robot and Mr Spell, the egg toys and the Lincoln Log house where the Potato Heads are kissing frozen. Stop it, you mean old potato. Bullseye looks down, cover himself as if he's naked and walks off on two legs], [Jessie bends down to help Woody up, accidentally tickling him], [Jessie starts tickling Woody much to his protest while Stinky Pete laughs at it with a smile], [Inside the vent, Utility Belt Buzz runs ahead and scans the area as the toys walk wearily behind him], [Then they heard Woody's voice through the vent], [Utility Belt Buzz uses one of Mr Potato Head's eyes to see what's going on through the bars of the grill], [In seconds, they are using Rex as a battering ram], [They charged out through the cover and into the apartment, crashing into the box on the way], [He pounces on Woody, pinning him down to the floor], [Hamm jumps on the Stinky Pete's box, knocking it over], [But instead of his angry eyes, Mr Potato Head put his extra shoes on and walk into a cupboard, leaving Jessie in bewilderment at this antic], [Slinky and Bullseye growled at each other], [Slinky wraps himself around Jessie and Bullseye], [The toys yell as they run towards the vent until....], [Buzz opens his doppelganger's helmet and he began to choke and gasping for air just like the old one did when Woody opened his helmet. Rex is reading the manual as he walks], [Mr Potato Head pull out his ears so he won't hear Rex's jabbering], [He starts driving the car and bump into a shelf then reverses into another shelf then as he drove off, he knocked over a pile of buckets of soldiers which fell over to the floor. The project was produced by brothers Morgan and Mason McGrew. Buzz gapes at this, his wings open by themselves. Buzz heard more cars coming], [They do so and a car swerved around to avoid it then a truck with a concrete pipe which braked, making it's trailer move around in a big U turn], [The toys move on. Buzz lands on the ground and runs over to a wall to catch his breath when a monitor looks in his direction and beeps. 映画公開25周年を迎える『トイ・ストーリー』をはじめ、最新作『2分の1の魔法』、『モンスターズ・インク』などの最新アイテムが続々! もっと見る HOME ディズニーキャラクター トイ・ストーリー … Later, she took a drive with Jessie in her bag. Hamm shook himself and walked on. Buzz somersaults over Zurg but just as he landed and turn around to fire his laser, Zurg spins around so fast and shoots Buzz, vaporizing him, leaving his legs to crouch down and fall on the floor], [The letters GAME OVER appear on the TV screen, revealing that the whole thing was only a video game which is played by Rex, who's wearing a goldfish ball with sicker darts on his head with Buzz, beside him, watching], [They then hear a rattling noise and see Woody throwing things out of a drawer as if looking for something], [Woody hits his head and falls out of the draw hitting several others on the way down], [Buzz Lightyear swings on a red desk lamp, lands on a car and rides it along a looping track and off the jump like in the first movie and spins through the air before landing next to Woody. Then the bell dings, indicating that the lift reaches the bottom of the apartment], [As Al moves outta the lift, Slinky tugged to pull Woody out of the case when Stinky Pete appears and grabbed Woody, making Slinky loses his grip on Woody and sprung back. Buzz gives Slinky a thumbs up for preventing the girl from discovering them. 『トイ・ストーリー4』脚本、大部分を書き直しか ウッディのロマンスのお相手ボー・ピープ役声優「次は大役」 2019年6月21日に全米公開予定を控える『 トイ・ストーリー4 』は現在、大幅な脚本の書き直し段階にあるとい … ], [Back at the display stand, Buzz looks at his doppelganger with a curious expression], [He saw the doppelganger's new utility belt and whistles. Rex yells as the truck zoom through some cones which results in the storage compartment door opening and stuff fell out of it and lands on Hamm, hitting him on the head], [Buzz hops on the steering wheel and turns it to get the truck to turn to the right. Then a grey hand burst through the box and out came..... Emperor Zurg! Mr Potato Head stands up and throw his hat like a Frisbee to stop the door from closing. She then dances around and fell into a pile of leaves], [Jessie is on Emily's bed pillow when Emily grabs it which makes Jessie fall behind the bed. He runs to Buzz but as he did, the leaves fell off him except one when he reaches him. He run towards it, jumping from trailer to trailer til he jump in the one the case is in, unnoticed by the driver. Growling with rage, he followed Buzz in hot pursuit, wanting to get rid of him so he can rule the galaxy, unaware that he's just a toy], [Across the road, Al get out, leaving his bag in his car], [He jumps outta the bag and run to the door. Yawning, he left the room, holding Woody's arm in his hand. The films include Toy Story 3 (2010), the first animated film to pass a billion, Frozen (2013), the current highest grossing animated film of all time, as well as Zootopia (2016), Finding Dory (2016) and Incredibles 2 … Buzz jumps and lands on the discs, each one playing a musical note as he does so. She then grab some hoops and the books which are hiding Wheezy and grab him as well], [Woody unfreezes and watches in horror as Andy's mom puts Wheezy in the box and left the room], [He tries to whistle with his right arm but it only makes him blew raspberry so he use his ripped arm to whistle and it works and Buster runs into the room, looking for where Woody is], [He loses his grip on the shelf and fall onto Buster's back], [Buster obeys and runs out of the room with Woody on his back. He shrugs with a sheepish chuckle. Woody and the Irelanders watch as he hug his TV self], [Woody pick up his boot and scrape the new paint off it to reveal Andy's name on the bottom], [Woody sighs and realizes that Buzz and The Gang were right all along], [Then like a bolt, Woody stand up from the tape and ran towards the vent], [But as he turn the box around, it was empty], [Then they heard a clang and they turn to see Stinky Pete screwing the vent shift with his pickaxe much to the shock, Woody, Bullseye and Jessie], [He walks over to the remote and uses his pickaxe to turn the TV off. He runs over and picks him up], [The green army men are searching the toy box], [Hamm moves sun blinds up and down as if to signal to someone], [The door opens and Bo Peep, her sheep and a doll enter the room], [Mr Potato Head kisses her side while she giggles], [As she and Woody are looking at each other, they heard baaing and they turn to see Rex fighting with Bo's sheep over the remote], [Bo whistles to get her sheep's attention. As Woody tries to stop it, his hat flies off his head. Jessie unfreezes and look through a holder to see Emily getting into the car and drives away whilst Jessie watches sadly], [After the flashback ends, Woody, is look sorry and surprised about this], [Woody get off the windowstill and onto the floor and walks over to the air vent. In another aisle, Rex and Mr Potato Head are walking down it. [ Whooshing] [ Rocket Firing] [ Rocket Firing] [ Hydraulics Whooshing] [ Breathing Apparatus Hissing] Buzz Lightyear mission log. The other toys went to the window sill and Buzz uses Lenny to see what's going on], [Woody and Buster move to the table with the 25 cent box on it. Al is talking to a staff member and didn't notice the pet carrier walking past him and onto the conveyor belt], [The staff member put the green case onto the conveyor belt a few baggage from the pet carrier], [But as they went inside the baggage sorting area, they saw lots and lots of cases as far as the eye can see. Geri takes Woody from his glass case and touch a button which reveals a mini hair saloon chair and put him on it. [She put Woody in the case and locks them inside], [Al stumbles on a skateboard. Woody, look up to see the show's intro with wonder and curiousness], [Stinky Pete facepalms and shook his head in embarrassment by the pick axe behind him comedy], He's the rootin'-est, tootin'-est cowboy in the wild, wild west, [Back in Andy's room, Rex is using his foot to change the TV channel for Al's Toy Barn commercial], [Hamm rapidly presses the channel button and the commercials rapidly changes], [Hamm keeps changing the channels even when Al's commercial appeared], [He kept pressing until it reach Al's commercial and the toys and Irelanders stop him quickly before he change it again], [Etch draws a map on his screen which shows the way to Al's Toy Barn. Woody look down to see Bullseye licking Al's hand which is covered in Cheeto flavor], [Bullseye stops licking Al's hand and step back with a sorry look on his face. Read, review and discuss the entire Toy Story 4 movie script by Carl Makkinga on 1 Whoa! Rex whimpers nervously as he look down to the roof of the lift], [He slide down the cable very fast and land right onto Potato Head, making his parts go off everywhere. The films include Toy Story 3 (2010), the first animated film to pass a billion, Frozen (2013), the current highest grossing animated film of all time, as well as Zootopia (2016), Finding Dory (2016) and Incredibles 2 (2018). He gets up and jump on the sports stuff, released a joystick so that he can jump from it, bounce on a trampoline and grab a monkey zipline which moves down towards the entrance where Al is exiting but as he let go of the zipline and leaps towards the doors, they've shit, making slam into them headfirst and fall to the floor. Mr Potato Head's shoe got stick on some gum. They ran through the door but as they got to the edge of the porch, Al drives off to the airport], [He throws a ball at Zurg who turn out to have survived the fall], [He fires another ball for Utility Belt Buzz to catch], [As Rex hop to the windscreen, he heard some ooooooooes. Emily reaches for her stuff and pull out Jessie from under the bed and and look at her. Bo and Buzz look at each other worriedly], [Later, a boy riding a bike throw a newspaper at the house. [Some critters arrive at the collapsed entrance], [The critters run off. A Bug’s Life Script (1998) 7. Thinking fast, Buzz press a button on his utility belt which makes a force field bubble around him and then he flies upward], [He reaches the platform and deactivates the bubble. Buzz throws it at Zurg, hitting him in the face. Woody, turn and gasps for in front of them was a collection of pictures and merchandise of Woody on the wall], [There also pictures and merchandise of Jessie, Bullseye and Stinky Pete on them. He make the Prospector model launch a coin to a Woody model's hand that puts it in a barrel], [He went over to a bubble blowing toy which has his face on it and his hat for pushing down to get the bubbles going], [Jessie, Prospector, laugh while Bullseye pop a big bubble with his teeth], [He push down the spur with his boot and a toy snake pops out of it], [He shits the snake out of the boot and Bullseye chases it, jumping onto a record player which starts playing it, making Bullseye going around on the record, sitting on it], [He climb up to join Bullseye on the record player and starts walking it in one place. Buzz run out of some bushes towards a mail box. Rex giggles with excitement by this. Hamm was at the door and heard Andy's footsteps coming closer], [The toys scattered to their places and Woody freezes as Andy enters the room], [Then he saw the rip in Woody's arm and his smile turns to a frown], [He drops Woody and he falls towards the deck of cards on the floor and as he hit them, he kept falling through the blue area until he went into a black circle and landed in a trash can. Read the Toy Story 2 script, written by Andrew Stanton, Chris Webb, Doug Chamberlin, and Rita Hsiao. Jessie saw this and freezes, bring back her smile. Woody He didn't know what to say due to feeling terrible of turning his back on Buzz and the gang], [Then they heard Woody's TV self singing You've Got A Friend in Me much to their surprise], We stick together and see it through 'cause~, Some other folks might be a little bit smarter than I am~, [Then a kid appeared on the TV. ], [The scene changes to Al's apartment where Woody, Jessie, Bullseye and Stinky Pete are watching Woody's Roundup. The toys stop walking and turn to watch Buzz type the letters on Mr Spell's keyboard then press the play button], [Buzz picks up the feather to look at it for the clues began to add up], [Etch does so and a picture of Al in his chicken costume appears on his screen, making everyone gasp in shock and Rex yelled in horror], [The scene changes to Al in his chicken suit in his apartment, talking to someone on the phone], [He sighs and hangs up before turning his attention to Woody, who are in glass cases], [Woody, unfreeze and run to the door of his apartment and jump up but they can't reach the handle as it's too high for them to reach. Meanwhile, Woody and Bullseye are painting a school house], [The critters arrived and told Woody about the problem], [Bullseye runs off with Woody out of town and into the desert. Woody was asleep when the car pulls up outside the house. ], [He then heard someone coughing and peep behind the books to see a squeaky toy penguin coughing up some dust], [He coughs again and falls back into Woody's hand], [Wheezy points to Andy's mom hammering a Yard Sale sign into the ground outside], [The toys get into a single line and Buzz and Robot use a check list to see that all the toys are present], [Then he heard footsteps coming towards the room], [They run and Woody hid Wheezy behind the books and froze just as Andy's mom comes in], [She look under the bed and took out a toy car and put it in a box mark 25 cents on it. In the mine, Jessie and Stinky Pete are trying to put out the fuse], [He sits on the flame but it only makes him jump up and down in pain], [The scene cuts back to Woody and Bullseye who gallops over to the edge of a canyon and jump over it into the air and soar over it], [To his surprise however, Jessie sadly turns off The TV with her boot]. This is a stickup! He watch hopelessly as Al drives over to his apartment], [Buzz look to a stack of boxes on the side of the doors. A figure raises his clawed hand and puts it on a lever], [He moves the lever back and the lights in the corridor come on making Buzz stop in surprise. Woody, peep out of it], [The man opens the door and went inside. Hamm is playing the Buzz Lightyear video game as Rex walks over], [He clicks the remote to the TV and the commercial turns on, showing Al in his chicken suit but with a sad look on Commecial], (sobs over his loss of collectors items and failure of bringing Woody to Japan), [Mr Potato Head is kissing Mrs Potato Head when the aliens arrive], [Then Wheezy bounces up to Woody and Bo, squeaking perfectly], [Mike comes over and throw his microphone to Wheezy who caught it and began to sing You've Got A Friend In Me in a new deep voice], You just remember what your old pal said~, [Woody hears Buster barking. In addition, he directed Toy Story (1995), A Bug's Life (1998), Toy Story 2 (1999), Cars (2006), and Cars 2 (2011). Buzz watches as chicken feathers flew out of the trunk just as the hood closes as the car drives away. Woody is clinging to his side out of sight of any one], [Buster stops grinning and walks on towards the yard sale following him behind. Then as he pick up another few and about to throw them, he saw that Zurg is gone], [Then Zurg appears from nowhere, grabbing Utility Belt Buzz by his hand and lifts him up], [Zurg push Utility Belt Buzz to a box many times, pressing his button and activating his voice box], [Buzz open the emergency hatch and look down to see Al's green case on a box on a trolley. She starts swinging on the tire, holding Jessie's hands in her hands. He hold his breath and pull out his arm from Al's shirt pocket. Read, review and discuss the entire Toy Story movie script by Joss Whedon on Synopsis: Toy Story is a 1995 American computer-animated adventure buddy comedy film produced by Pixar … Buzz stands up and saw a battery which reads The Source of Zurg's Power. [He then saw a game that has his face smiling and some balls besides it], [He throw a ball at one of the teeth and it knocks it out], [He, Jessie and the Irelanders laugh. Watch Toy Story here: A behind the scenes look at the making of Toy Story! I hope they make it back all right. It then disappears and Evil Emperor Zurg rises up behind Buzz on a platform], [Zurg fires his ion blaster at Buzz but he picks up a disc to shield himself and the blasts bounce off. Zurg spins Utility Belt Buzz on his finger before tossing him to the ground], [Al is waiting impatiently inside the lift for it to reach the bottom of the apartment], [He didn't notice Slinky dangling above his green case behind him, his back end being held by Buzz, the other toys.